Ballerina Princess Personalized Book (version 2, Caucasian or darker skin color)


Illustrations include characters with Caucasian or darker skin color. You may specify your preference. The darker skin color is appropriate for African American, Middle Eastern, West Asian, Latina, or American Indian skin types.

The Ballerina Princess is a very charming and well illustrated personalized children's book. It's a sophisticated gift for girls who are serious about ballet. Your child will get ready for the final recital. When the visiting professional ballerina gets the flu, your child plays the lead role. The book includes illustrations and definitions of: Battement tendu, Plié, Arabesque penchée, Pirouette, Pas de chant, and five feet positions.

Here is some of the story:

The big day finally arrived. [Your child's name] performance was perfect. The entire crowd, full of family and friends, gave a standing ovation to the dancers. [Your child's name], [your child's friend's name(s)], and all the other girls in the dance curtsied as flowers were brought onto the stage.

[Your child's name) was the heroine of the night and the star performer in the ballet. All of her hard work and practice had paid off! What an unforgettable day this was... the day [your child's name] became the Ballerina Princess. To see the illustrations and read a portion of the story, click here then click on the bottom right corner of the book's page.

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Hometown (City and State)

Names to Include in Story (Up to 3 female friends.)

Who Did Child Invite to the Recital?

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Skin Color Choose Caucasian or darker color skin for the illustrations.

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  • Includes A Special Message From You printed on the first page
  • Durable, Washable Hard Cover
  • NO stickers - all personalized information is printed right into the story
  • Personalized Children's Book
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